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1. What it is: This create-athon is prompt-based and not an exchange. The goal is to produce one work by November 1, 2011. Completion is not mandatory, and you not will be letting any other participants down if you can't meet that deadline. You can submit as many works as you want, and if you want to sign up again after submitting your first work between July 31 and August 15, you can.

2. How it works: You will get two (2) prompts; you must use at least one of them prominently in a fanwork about The Dresden Files. You can use both, but only the use of one is required. Prominently is, of course, subjective, and it is up to you how you use it, but try to keep your prompt a key part of the action of the work in some way. For example, if one of your prompts is the Field Museum, prominently could mean the action happens there, or maybe it's the end of the world and Harry needs to perform necromancy, and he zombie-fies one of the displays *ahemahemahem*. Both of those would be considered prominent. If Murphy is on her way to a crime scene and notes the Field as she drives past it, that's not prominent. Use your gut on this.

3. Accepted formats: Include fic, art, mixes, podfic, vids, and (recorded) filk. If I've left something off, speak up!

4. Minimum length & size: Fic must be at least 1000 words; podfic must be of a fic at least 1000 words. Artwork must be a finished piece. Vids and filk should be at least a minute; mixes must have a front and back cover. Combination fanworks must fill at least one requirement.

5. What can you write/draw/mix etc about: All characters and pairings and genres permitted and encouraged! Book, television, comic canons are all included.

6. Posting: You can post anytime between July 31 and November 1, 2011 (Midnight, PST)

Headers for all submissions must include:

Title or description
Word count/Size/Length
Characters &/or Pairings
The prompt you're filling
Mandatory notes for noncon or dubcon, underage characters engaging in sexual activities, graphic violence, and/or major character death.

Any image-based submission must include alt text and/or a description.

7. Reusing works, works for other things, and works that are part of a series: You can reuse something if you're making something new out of it, like a podfic or a remix. Also included here, if you have something else you are currently working on that fulfills your prompt and hasn't already been posted somewhere else (e.g. a kinkmeme prompt or something for a bingo) you can use that for this 'thon, providing your prompt from here is answered. If your submission is part of a series, please make sure it can stand alone, or give enough of a summary that someone can come in with your submission and not be lost.

8. Co-Authors/Co-Vidders/etc: If you're usually part of a team, or want to work on a team for this 'thon, go for it. Please sign up together, or drop me a note if it's a decision post-sign up, and make sure both of your names are included in your header.

9. In case it needs to be said: Don't be an asshole.

10. Most important of all: Have fun! Chicago is an amazing place: learn to love it, and let us all know but how.


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