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It's November 2!

Thanks to everyone who participated this round, and please check out the great submissions we have, here and at the LiveJournal community.

If you haven't posted yet, that's okay too! Posting amnesty is now open; in future, a date will be announced if/when the second round will begin, at which point a month's notice will be put up for final submissions from this round. Thanks for playing!
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Title: Beverly Electric and Light
Author: [personal profile] templemarker
Word count: 2500
Characters: Harry Dresden
The prompt you're filling: Beverly, Chicago
Notes: No warnings. My grateful thanks to [personal profile] samjohnsson for insightful, thorough beta.

The thing about Chicago was that, a lot of the time, you tended to stick around your own neighborhood.

Available on LJ, DW, and my archive.
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In case you're wondering what this is all about, anyway.

Chicago is an amazing city, true story. And The Dresden Files does a pretty great job running a background love story about Chicago, but sometimes a city just needs to take centre stage. That's the idea here. After you sign up, you'll get two Chicago-related prompts; one of these needs to be used prominently in your piece. Obviously, prominently is a matter of opinion, by remember, whatever your your pairing or whomever your character, Chicago is joining in. OTP OT3 OTChicago.

Some handy resources for working with the city:

Chicagoist. Part of the Gothamist group, a fantastic daily news source for Chicago life and events. The daily About Town Gallery is worth it alone, but every post will give you a really good peek in on some of the day to day issues and happenings.

Windy Citizen. A news site by readers; lots of good stuff, all submitted by locals. Lots of quirky gems daily.

Occult Chicago at [community profile] dresden_resource Two maps and a breakdown of Where Stuff Is in Dresden Chicago, and a bit of How Chicago Works. Fan compiled and a great community to be part of overall for lots of Dresden related things. Check it out!

And, of course, Wikipedia.

Sign ups!

Jul. 1st, 2011 09:15 pm
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Sign up here! Sign ups will be open until August 15, Midnight PST.

Please comment with your username and email address, and spread the word!
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Got a question? Ask it here! Or shoot me an email at toughastheycome @ gmail dot com.

Sign Ups: July 1 - August 15 (Midnight, PST)
Posting: July 31 - November 1 (Midnight, PST)


Jul. 1st, 2011 09:12 pm
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