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binz: harry from the cover of a 'dresden files' comic, cropped from above the mouth to above the hips, holding his staff. ([ dresden comic ] phallic focci)
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Got a question? Ask it here! Or shoot me an email at toughastheycome @ gmail dot com.

Sign Ups: July 1 - August 15 (Midnight, PST)
Posting: July 31 - November 1 (Midnight, PST)

Sign ups!

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Sign up here! Sign ups will be open until August 15, Midnight PST.

Please comment with your username and email address, and spread the word!
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In case you're wondering what this is all about, anyway.

Chicago is an amazing city, true story. And The Dresden Files does a pretty great job running a background love story about Chicago, but sometimes a city just needs to take centre stage. That's the idea here. After you sign up, you'll get two Chicago-related prompts; one of these needs to be used prominently in your piece. Obviously, prominently is a matter of opinion, by remember, whatever your your pairing or whomever your character, Chicago is joining in. OTP OT3 OTChicago.

Some handy resources for working with the city:

Chicagoist. Part of the Gothamist group, a fantastic daily news source for Chicago life and events. The daily About Town Gallery is worth it alone, but every post will give you a really good peek in on some of the day to day issues and happenings.

Windy Citizen. A news site by readers; lots of good stuff, all submitted by locals. Lots of quirky gems daily.

Occult Chicago at [community profile] dresden_resource Two maps and a breakdown of Where Stuff Is in Dresden Chicago, and a bit of How Chicago Works. Fan compiled and a great community to be part of overall for lots of Dresden related things. Check it out!

And, of course, Wikipedia.


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